High fives to everyone who is about to climb up to take down cancer.

Some of you left your competitive pants at home and others are in it to win it. 

Race Times:

Preliminary times will be available to you throughout the morning at the finish line.

(Please note: we’re not sure how “the cloud” works but we do know that because the building is really tall it takes several minutes for your time to show up at the computer near the finish line celebrations. So grab a bloody and check your time after the sweat dries a little.)

We’ll also send you an email with your final time and will post everything online here and on our Facebook page.

Event Day Photos:

We’ll post everything on our Facebook page so you’ll be able to like, tag, and share them and make all your friends jealous! 

Fundraising Totals: 

Check back to see who has made in into the Stairmaster Club!

Anyone who raised $1,000 or more will be part of this exclusive club. And not only are you helping us reach our goal of curing cancer, you’re going to get some sweet stuff* from us.

*TBD because we’re too far away from the event to reveal all of our secrets!